Most Unique Looking Video Games Of All Time

Graphics aren’t everything, but they can be a huge help in making a game stand out. They’re also a keen way for a game to express itself and emphasize its themes.


Though it first hit the PlayStation 2 in 2006, Capcom’s Okami remains one of the most visually memorable games ever designed. That’s thanks to the fact its characters and setting are given life through a sweeping ink-and-watercolor motif that references traditional Japanese paintings.  


The rest of Okami’s experience is built to harmonize with its style. The story involves gods and demons rooted in Shinto legends, and the game’s classic Japanese music carries you deep into its myths. Okami is an unforgettable experience, all told.

Grow Home (Ubisoft Reflections)

Grow Home is like nothing else on you’ll read on this page, because it’s published by one of the biggest names in the industry, Ubisoft. Given the hype they put into most titles, it was a shock that this was released with absolutely no fanfare, and initially sent off to die as a PC-only game. It was even released on Steam rather than uPlay, that’s how little Ubi appeared to care about it.


But it’s a wonderful game all about a little red robot, who you control, searching around a gloriously colorful environment. It’s almost tech-demo-like in its simplicity. Controlling either arm on the triggers, you have to climb around beanstalks finding diamonds, eventually gathering enough to unlock a new ability which will let you climb higher, and go further.

The Long Dark (Hinterland)

The Xbox One Game Preview service was launched to a lot of whooping back at E3. The idea is that games can “trial themselves,” like Steam’s Early Access, before a general release. The big noise went to the now fully released Elite: Dangerous and the yet to appear on consoles DayZ. But 2014’s The Long Dark also came to the program, and you may have completely missed it if you weren’t keeping up with Xbox’s Preview schedule.


This survival simulator is actually just that for a change all about survival. Stranded in the wilds of Canada after an event cripples everything, you have to survive the freezing weather and open space, the animals that want to eat you, and scavenge for medical and food supplies whenever an opportunity arises. The game’s presentation of the harsh Canadian elements is evocative of Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. The game’s still not finished, but for console users who only have Minecraft as the big survival go-to, stick this on with some of Eddie Vedder’s solo albums in the background and you’ll soon enough be lost, too

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Similar to the original Hotline Miami, Hotline Miami 2 is a top-down 2D action video game. This title happens to be a prequel and a sequel of the events from Hotline Miami, though the game focuses more on the latter.

hotline miami 2

With Jacket’s interpretation ending being the true ending to the original title, a new movement filled with masked vigilantes begin to sweep through Miami Florida. Players will learn more of the story through playing different characters all featuring different stories and motives.

Legend Of Zelda – The Wind Waker


The Gamecube’s 3D Zelda game is one of the little purple box’s few games that still look good on an HDTV. Again, the art direction is what helps here, sufficiently masking that console generation’s technical limitations by utilizing graphics that are simple and elegant. And it’s the little things, such as the floating fireflies in the Forest Haven and the hopping mailboxes, that really bring the game to life. Beyond the game’s gorgeous environment, the character design also lends itself to some of the most heart-wrenching moments in series history. Admit it: You teared up when Link’s grandma serves up that first bottle of Elixir Soup.

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