You Have To Spend $500 For Full Nintendo Switch Experience

Since the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch, there has been quite the mixed bag of responses. Many different issues have been raised so far, regarding the console’s power, how it actually works, and just how much third party support the console is going to get.

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What ties into these raised points is what the Nintendo Switch is actually going to cost players to buy. This above all else could be the new Nintendo home console’s biggest stumbling block when it launches, starting out with the $299.99 price tag for the system itself. Looking at this price, you could argue that those on a budget looking for a new system could opt for an entry level PS4 or Xbox One console, given the amount of choice from a third party perspective. If like me, you’re looking for the typical exclusives to accompany the Switch, the launch titles with the exception of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are nothing to shout about so far.


So that’s the console price, but there are plenty of further costs to get the most of the Switch experience. For example, the console is accompanied by a mere 32gb, which will prompt players to purchase microSD cards, which will set you back around just under $30. Add additional Joy-con controllers for $49.99 each (or $79.99 for a pair), a Switch Pro controller costing $69.99, and a $29.99 charging grip, you are looking at a rather hefty price once you’ve purchased everything you potentially need. For all that listed above, you could be looking at over $500 depending on what suits your experience.

With few launch titles bar one to get really hyped about, a less powerful alternative to the current consoles on the market, a paid online service that doesn’t seem to offer permanent free games like similar services such as Xbox Live and PSN, it looks like it might be a high price to pay that is difficult to justify at launch.

Source – MMOexaminer

#You Have To Spend $500 For Full Nintendo Switch Experience