Swearing In One Of The Most Popular Nintendo Video Games 

Nintendo. They’re a lovely company. Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Kirby and the like all project a very family friendly image, presenting themselves as being games that everybody can enjoy, and families can play together without having to worry about any risky content.

Nintendo consoles have been home to several games that don’t fit with the child-friendly image, often featuring strong language, violence, horror.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Nintendo 64)

Think of everything you would not want in a children’s game, and this game most likely has it. Swearing? Yep. Violence? Sure. Drunkenness? The game opens with the main character stumbling out of a pub. Nazis? In teddy bear form, no less. Singing poo? Don’t know why you would think of that, but it’s in the game. Nudity? Conker doesn’t wear trousers: does that count?


Combine these elements with the titular character being a cute anthropomorphised squirrel, and there is a good reason the box art had to feature the warning: “This game is not for anyone under age 17.”

Released in 2001, Conker’s Bad Fur Day was one of the final titles released for the Nintendo 64, coming only a few months before the Japanese and American release of the GameCube. Perhaps because of this, sales were fairly low, but the game’s South Park-like style of toilet humour made it a fondly-remembered cult classic, enough for it to be included in the Rare Replay collection on Xbox One.

The juxtaposition of the cute, cartoony art style and the adult content makes this game stand out as one of the least family-friendly games ever made. We can only hope that parents of six year-olds paid attention to the warning.

Source – Whatculture

#Swearing In Most Popular Nintendo Children Video Game