Video Game Sequels Which Are Much Better Than The Original

Sometimes they get it wrong and mess with a winning formula, but every now and then they take a golden title, and make it platinum…

Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed helped bring Ubisoft to the consciousness of a new generation of gamers as one of its first titles it launched on PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as Windows. It’s core mechanic of combining open-world free running with stealth and combat has remained largely unchanged throughout the multiple sequels since, as well as being recycled in similar titles, such as Watch Dogs.

There were 2 major problems with the series opener. A miserable protagonist that took himself too seriously, and clunky combat that frustrated many gamers.


Assassin’s Creed 2 fixed both of these points, giving us the more charming and light-hearted Ezio and a more refined combat system. Some fans argue the Ezio games are the pinnacle of the collection, while others believe 3 and beyond continued to improve the mechanics, but either way, it started with key improvements made in 2.

Additionally, 2 also managed to use a more exciting setting, introduce more side quests and challenges for when the assassinations got too samey, and it’s spin-offs retrofitted more story for Altair, making him the Master Assassin we all love today.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA III brought Grand Theft Auto to the 3D world of PlayStation 2, and in doing so, changed sandbox action games forever. Just Cause, Mafia, Saints Row, just to mention a few, owe it all to GTA III. Despite some questionable controls and its silent protagonist, the game was near perfect.

Then came GTA: Vice City, and the greatest Christmas holiday ever.


A Hollywood voice cast including main hero Tommy Vercetti by A-list, mob actor, Ray Liotta, the cars were more stylish and drove more fluidly, characters were motion-captured, there were more creative weapons and bikes, helicopters and boats could all now be driven.

You could enter buildings and buy up real estate, carving out your own criminal empire. Missions were inspired by classic blockbuster movies, and best of all – that 80s soundtrack. Vice City is a franchise best for Rockstar’s work on GTA, and it’s no wonder fans are clamouring for a return to its sun-kissed streets for GTA VI.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect introduced the N7 programme and Spectres, an galactic conspiracy, and one of the biggest twists in recent gaming; the Lovecraftian Reapers.

It was going to take a lot to match Mass Effect, let alone better it.

Mass Effect 2 begins with protagonist Shepherd’s death. After being brought back to life by Cerberus, whom you fought in a number of side quests in the first game, you then reluctantly team up with them to travel the Milky Way, building a powerful crew for a suicide mission into unknown space.

mass effect 2

What’s more, the more you bond with your team, and the more the stakes are raised, the more it actually feels like a suicide mission. Don’t win the loyalty of your squad? They can die. Permanently. Don’t prepare the Normandy for the perilous journey. They die. Don’t act fast enough? Your abducted crew die. And finish the mission without a soul to help, and Shepherd dies too.

It’s an epic adventure with the darkness classic of the middle of a trilogy. After the hopeful victory of the first game, the second paves the way for a final showdown. Sure, Shepherd and his crew stop the Collectors, but the game ends with the reminder that the Reapers are coming in force, and no-one knows how to stop them.

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#Video Game Sequels Which Are Much Better Than The Original