Nintendo Switch Has A Major Advantage Against Xbox One And PS4

Nintendo Switch has a major advantage over Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles that will see it dominate the gaming market in its launch year and beyond.

While the jury is still out on the Switch’s technical prowess and gamers are still left wondering how many of the most anticipated third party titles of the year will grace the system’s choose-your-own-adventure-style screens, none of those factors mean a thing when it comes to retailers’ profit margins.


On this point, stores such as EB Games, JB HiFI, Target and all the rest around the world care more for how these big-ticket (read: expensive) consoles with minimal profit margins (usually around 5% to the retailer) will convert to bankable dollars. It is vital, then, that a range of add-on accessories are available for each console to maximise profit to the retailer.

This is where Nintendo Switch has a major advantage over the other competing consoles. Nintendo appears to be trying to please as many people as possible with the new console, starting with retailers by making Switch accessory friendly.


The console is portable and has a touchscreen which makes items like third party cases and screen protectors a sure thing. It charges with industry-standard USB-C cables marking a major deviation from past practises where Nintendo would make its own proprietary charging cable. To connect Switch to the television, one requires a standard HDMI cable. Since the Switch comes with only 32GB of storage on board, third party Micro SD cards are compatible. Even the Joy-Con controllers are accessory ready with everything from plastic wheel accessories to wrist straps and third party grips, silicone sleeves and charging docks likely in the pipeline.

While none of these add-on items are required to enjoy the console, it does give retailers a reason to push the Nintendo Switch harder than the competing devices. All these accessories deliver anywhere from 50–90% profit to the retailer, some even higher. In other words, if your local store manages to sell you a Switch with an SD card it will likely make more profit on that sale than if it sold you a 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro.


Retailers should be champing at the bit to sell Switch and its plethora of optional add on accessories. If so, expect Nintendo Switch to have a much more visible presence on retail store shelves especially in off-season times when manufacturers aren’t paying for shelf space in stores or glamorous brochure marketing. Its on these occasions especially that Switch and all its third party accessories will be pushed harder than competing devices.

The way Nintendo has positioned its console to be accessible to first and third party accessories will translate to a huge advantage at retail. Retailers will always chase the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to profit making the Switch a sure-fire success.

Source – SquishTurtle

#Nintendo Switch Has A Major Advantage Against Xbox One And PS4