Most Terrifying Enemies In Resident Evil Series

Let’s be honest, Capcom have conceptualised all manner of muscle-bursting horrors over the years, ranging from simple, shambling zombies to overblown, city-destroying… well, zombies, so for any missing creatures that scared you witless.

U-3 – Resident Evil 4

Or as Saddler refers to him, “It”.

A crazy amalgamation of many creatures: human torso and head, centaur-like body with a centipede in there somewhere. It’s a damn mess.


At first, he drops in on you within a claustrophobic maze, chasing you throughout as you shoot and press buttons, which is certainly one way to instil panic as there’s no point in fighting him at this stage, as, well, it’s the first stage and this maze is timed.

When out of the maze, you fight U-3 on a cliff edge where he can now dig around under you, catching you by surprise with his newly-added pincers.

However, this section is red barrels and magnum galore.

Lisa Trevor – Resident Evil Remake

Added specifically for the RE1 remake, Lisa’s story is a tragic one, so not only does she scare the hell out of you with her… well, everything, but her story is also a depressing one. It’s a really lovely one-two punch all round.


Kidnapped at a young age by Ozwell Spencer and used as a test subject for the Progenitor virus and as her body mutated over time, her physical and mental state were disgustingly reconstructed. Lisa was continued to getting tested on for years and years, unfortunately surviving each one, then they decided to inject her with a Nemesis parasite, again, she survived and adapted its powers.

With all the experimentation she has become immune to so many types of damage, making her arrival a “F*ck that!” situation.

What’s the icing on the cake is the encounters with her, no foreshadowing, no music or ambience, just the subtle rattle of chains, and when she’s close enough, cries for help… and her mother.

Nemesis T-Type – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

We all know how the Nemesis works. Programmed to hunt down S.T.A.R.S members and you just happen to be S.T.A.R.S member, Jill Valentine.

For the time, it was pretty special to have an AI enemy bypass areas of the map that usually prevented zombies from the previous area following you (unless it was scripted). Jack Baker must’ve taken notes as Nemesis could and would smash through doors, windows, walls, anything to throw Jill and the player off their game.


Nemesis was the king of engaging paranoia in the player, we were essentially trapped in an endless cycle of that dog/window jump-scare, except instead of a dog, it was a giant, one-eyed, toothy, one-line killing machine.

Certain scripted appearances had the player involved in a choice-making minigame too, deciding how to combat the Nemesis in that moment. See my “Shoving the Nemesis?” entry in the ridiculous RE moments.

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#Most Terrifying Enemies In Resident Evil Series