Halo 6 Might Be Project Scorpio Launch Game

343 Industries, the dev team responsible for the Halo franchise, has just lost one of its key guiding forces. Would this high-ranking exec jump ship mid-project, or does this departure signal that Halo 6, 343i’s next major triple-A Halo game, is already finished and ready for a release on Microsoft’s next-gen Project Scorpio console

Project Scorpio needs a big hit game to compliment it’s release. I’ve talked about the system’s sparse launch lineup, and I still contend that Microsoft has some surprises in store for us…and based off of recent news, I think that Halo 6 will be a launch game on Microsoft’s “monster” 4K-ready Project Scorpio console. Why do I think this? It all has to do with the departure of Matt McCloskey, 343 Industries ex-Chief Operating Officer.   Matt McCloskey just left 343 Industries to join Twitch as vice president of commerce.


According to his LinkedIn profile, McCloskey was a huge transformative force for the Halo series.   “I lead the teams that are growing Halo from a $3B franchise into a $10B franchise. I work with the game development teams – both internal and publishing – to set strategy and roadmap,” reads the page (find a full quote below). McCloskey was a big deal for Halo as a whole.   So…would he leave the company in the middle of the Halo 6 project?   Likely not–execs typically don’t vacate these types of positions unless something has gone terribly wrong, there’s an instant replacement that will follow the predecessor’s path, or the project is basically finished.

I lead the teams that are growing Halo from a $3B franchise into a $10B franchise. I work with the game development teams – both internal and publishing – to set strategy and roadmap. My business teams manage P&Ls for every 343 Industries product from Halo Anniversary, HaloFest, Halo 4:

Forward Unto Dawn, Halo 4 and Halo Spartan Assault to the recently announced Halo TV project with Steven Spielberg.”   “I manage over 35 license relationships for the Halo brand, with companies ranging from Mega Brands (construction toys), McFarlane Toys (mass market action figures), Machinima (online video distribution), Sideshow (high-end collectibles), Rooster Teeth (creators of Red vs. Blue) to Anderson Merchandising and Content Media (domestic and international home video).


”   Now I’ve asserted that 343 Industries has been working on Halo 6 months before Halo 5: Guardians even shipped; that’s why the company chose to put in the horrible–but insanely lucrative–REQ microtransaction scheme to fund the development of updates/patches/features while the core team worked on Halo 6.   A year ago 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor has also confirmed that the team was setting the core foundations for Halo 6:


“We’re doing serious, real planning and even some writing on the next game already, and that’s a luxury.   “We’ve never been in that position before.   “So we both know at a very high level what’s going to happen in, say, 10 years from now. But at that very granular level knowing what’s going to happen in the next game and that’s just been a great feeling for me.”

And that’s also why Halo 5: Guardians feels so lackluster and empty–it feels unfinished even now, more than a full year after it’s release. It’s because 343i’s attention has been pulled across different projects, including Halo Wars 2 (which is also coming out for Project Scorpio and Xbox consoles in 2017) and likely the next big-budget exclusive Halo game.

Source – Tweaktown

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