Red Dead Redemption Secrets & Easter Eggs You Didn’t Know About

ed Dead Redemption is a massive game, filled with a ton of content to see. But look hard enough and you’ll discover some extremely clever references and secrets hidden throughout the wild west. Here are 15 most amazing secrets and easter eggs that will make you play Red Dead Redemption immediately.



In the Undead Nightmare DLC you can track down and kill a Bigfoot. Put the creature out of its misery and you’ll get an achievement called “Six Years in the Making.” This is a reference to the Bigfoot rumors in GTA San Andreas, which released six years prior.

The Hills Have Eyes


Riffing on the terrifying story of The Hills Have Eyes and the throngs of savages hiding in the hills of the dessert, waiting for unwary travelers to pass through, Red Dead Redemption’s missions has John meet a cannibal in the hills. The character, named Forester, preys upon those who wander through his territory. He even hints at other cannibals hiding in the area, mimicking the plot of the famous Wes Craven film.

Jack Marston’s Future


John’s son Jack loves to sit beneath a shady tree and read. During “John Marston and Son” mission, Jack tells his father about a book in which a bounty hunter sets out to get revenge on his father’s death. This possibly hints at Jack’s own future of following in John’s footsteps in order to hunt down and kill the men who murdered his father or Red Harlow who was Red Dead Revolver’s protagonist.

Halo 3 Reference


The graveyard in Blackwater has a peculiar tombstone sitting amongst all the other. It reads “Wake me…if something interesting happens”, which is a reference to the last line of Halo 3, which saw the Master Chief enter cryo-sleep. The line quickly caught on, apparently enough for Rockstar to poke fun at it.

Source – Gamingbolt

#Red Dead Redemption Secrets & Easter Eggs You Didn’t Know About