Most Hyped Video Games Coming In 2017 That Can Disappoint You

As Scalebound being cancelled proves, it is tough being a video game developer right now. Literally anything can go wrong at a moment’s notice.

Still, as an industry, gaming thrives on hype, expectation and promising features that are hopefully delivered somewhere down the line. 2016 saw the almighty face-plant that was No Man’s Sky get all of these things wrong, alluding to a game whose final product was nothing like what was pitched, yet there are also the likes of Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian that emerge from development hell with barely any noticeable scratches.

Shenmue III

The main reason this will disappoint comes down to an inevitable delay, as there’s no way in hell YS Net could develop a full Shenmue game in just over two years.

The project first got off the ground following the announcement of a Kickstarter at E3 2015, yet since then we’ve had a handful of screenshots and nothing else. Thing is, it’s been 15/17 years since the last two Shenmue games – titles whose appeal was largely routed in making gigantic overly-interactive sandbox worlds, replete with contextual actions for everything from feeding cats to picking up pamphlets.


Many of these things have been refined or ditched over time as the open-world formula was slowly perfected, meaning that the very idea of what Shenmue ‘is’ will have to change – or be stuck in its old ways, alienating all but the most hardcore fans in the process.

It’s damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t.

For Honor

Like Dynasty Warriors, For Honor looks destined to end up the in the same “Looks cool, plays cool… for half an hour” camp as Koei Tecmo’s beloved franchise. I say beloved, because the Dynasty Warriors games have routinely done well in the East, whilst completely failing to catch on in the West.


For Honor carries forward the idea of mass melee-based warfare, adding a multi-block, ‘rock paper scissors’-style approach to defensive play, but mostly insisting on cleaving a path through enemies with sheer offensive force alone.

Weirdly, Ubi have been coy about showing off their story mode whilst continually plugging group combat, resulting in a general fervour that’s fairly muted, yet the studio are pushing it as one of their biggest games of the first quarter.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

We’ve reached the point where you need only look at a new Ubisoft shooter, to see which other components have been cobbled together to form its base appeal. In Wildlands’ case, it’s Far Cry-style map generation with The Divison-esque shooting and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s squad commands.


Since its first unveiling, Wildlands’ reception has been fairly mixed, the Tom Clancy/Ghost Recon fanbase wanting to be excited thanks to Ubi’s track record including things like the immaculate Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2, but the reality of the studio’s ‘copy n’ paste game design’ ethos being a poignant negative.

At time of writing, we’re less than two months away from launch, yet the only big playable chunks of gameplay consist of stilted team tactics and primitive animations. Hopefully Ubi can do right by the Ghost Recon name, but there’s every opportunity that Wildlands will be yet another unpolished release.

Source – Whatculture

#Most Hyped Video Games Coming In 2017 That Can Disappoint You