Confession Of A Console Gamer After Buying A Gaming PC

PCs and consoles may be closer than ever — after all, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are basically just gaming PCs — but there are still huge differences. PC gaming is all about choice — choice of input devices, hardware, storefronts, and even user-created content. The competitive PC ecosystem has led to cheap games and free multiplayer — there are no monthly fees required to play PC games online unless you pick up an MMORPG like World of Warcraft.


PC games have better graphics than console games. The hardware is just more powerful. Even today, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just can’t compete with the graphics a PC can produce. Unfortunately, many games are designed for consoles and PCs at the same time, so the PC may see the same graphics or just a few extra bells and whistles.


If you want the best graphics possible, they’ll always be on PC. This will be even more true as PCs continue to advance over the next eight or so years while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 remain frozen in time. We’re not even getting into the Wii U here — its hardware is even slower and further behind. The Wii U is great for playing Nintendo games, but its hardware just isn’t competitive.


The price of PC games goes hand-in-hand with the way they’re distributed. The focus on digital distribution along with a larger back catalog of old games and competition pushes prices down, so PC games are generally much cheaper than on consoles — especially if you can wait for sales instead of buying games on release day.


Multiplayer and social features are free, too. You don’t have to pay extra to play games online, like you do on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, with some MMOs being the only real exception.

Game Availability and Backwards Compatibility

The PC has a larger library of games than any modern console. Whereas the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 aren’t backwards compatible, you can still play games that were released in the 90’s on a modern gaming PC. These games are often very easy to get working — if they’re re-released on Steam, they should be tweaked to function on a modern PC. GOG specializes in taking older games, tweaking them to run on current PCs, and selling them cheap.

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Even if a game won’t run on PC without some tweaking, you’ll generally find guides and fan patches that will hold your hand and help you get them working. Sure, you may struggle with some old games, but it’s actually possible to run them on PC. You wouldn’t even be able to try on a console.



Mods, user-created content that change the way a game works, have always been a big part of PC gaming.Want to play Minecraft and experiment with all the amazing user-created Minecraft mods? You’ll need it on PC, not Xbox. Want to install mods for Skyrim that add entire new areas, quest lines, and items — or even just change the way the game functions? You’ll need Skyrim on PC.

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#Confession Of A Console Gamer After Buying A Gaming PC