The Most Insane Looking Open World Survival Video Game

This month Funcom released a new trailer for their game Conan Exiles, an upcoming open world survival game. Conan Exiles will be set in Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian universe and developers are making sure there is lots of lore included in-game. Players will start in a less well-known part of Hyboria and fight for survival as they level up and build kingdoms.

The player’s journey begins as an exile, tied to a cross, starving and dying in the desert. Conan appears on the horizon and cuts the player down, giving them one last chance to survive. Basic survival needs will be a player’s first priority but Conan Exiles is not your average survival game. Developers have done their best to listen to the community and add in fun features and exciting gameplay.


In first-person or third-person players will explore Hyboria and come across a variety of interesting game systems and characters. Many of the characters and monsters encountered will be familiar to fans of the Conan the Barbarian universe.

Conan Exiles best game features:

    • Loads of cool familiar animals as well as more complex animals that take special items to kill such as silver.
    • Craft anywhere but there are also multiple crafting stations which offer different recipes.
    • Crafting recipes will be learned in sets – when players learn a ‘feat’ they get a set of recipes.
    • Sandstorms are a feature that can kill and players can survive with shelter or a ‘re-breather mask’ that allows them to explore through the sandstorm.
    • Player’s character will slowly go insane but with the aid of a Thrall, corruption can be removed.
    • Religion is a main aspect of the game and has many benefits to players unless they are being sacrificed of course.
    • Through religion, players can summon giant avatars of the god they worship and use them to smite enemies.
    • Players will be able to put points into character attributes such as stamina and might.

      More on Thralls in Conan Exiles


      Thralls are captured hostiles or villagers who players drag back to their base by the feet. Players must then break the will of their thrall on the ‘wheel of pain’ and can then be used for a variety of services. These services include protecting player’s kingdoms as if a personal army and crafting armor and weapons. Permissions can be set on a player’s home to stop other players entering and stealing items, in addition to protection by the Thralls. Cosmetics of a thrall will be reliant on their race and most likely their religion as well. On that note, players will also have cultural outfits available to them.

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#The Most Insane Looking Open World Survival Video Game