Most Annoying Video Game Enemies Of All Time

There are plenty of things in video games that have irritated us over the years, from confusing mechanics to bugs and glitches, but there’s nothing quite as likely to force a rage quit as an annoying enemy.

Banshees – Mass Effect 3

Banshees are easily the most annoying creature in all of Mass Effect’s lore (that noise!) but the versions in this game aren’t just loud, they’re fast thanks to relentless teleporting.


Seriously, it’s like a Lord of the Ring’s Ringwraith thought it would pop up behind you and bellow in your ear, and it’s even worse when there’s more than one of them.

You know what mission I mean. I still hear the screams.

Clickers – The Last Of Us

They might offer a fresh take on the zombie enemy design, but that doesn’t make The Last of Us’ Clickers any less annoying.

the_last_of_us_clicker_wallpaper_by_torostorocrcs-d7u4rgx (1).jpg

It’s not just that they’re ugly, although with those faces, you could hardly blame me if that was my only reason. Fortunately the best approach is to stay as far from them as possible, but they’re also a blind enemy, forcing you to take a painstakingly stealthy approach, only to kill you in one hit if they catch you.

Talk about your scary noises too – the second a click bounces off the walls, you just know you’re about to say goodbye to a good portion of your neck.

Medusa Heads – Castlevania

The Medusa Heads from the Castlevania series are almost indescribably irritating, and the fact that they’ve managed to appear in so many of the titles only serves to add fuel to my frustration fire.

“But they move in such a predictable pattern!” I don’t care. When there are several of them floating across the screen at once just try not to be annoyed.


It’s also the way the original version of this enemy doesn’t even seem particularly bothered by your presence. You’re just ‘there’.

Like a pedestrian that moves towards you, hellbent on not stepping to the side for anyone, the Medusa Heads float along their planned route and ‘oh, look’, you got in the way.

Even worse are the gold Medusas with the power of petrification. It’s not often there’s more than one version of an enemy and all of them find a new way to annoy you

Source – Whatculture