Bad Video Game Endings That Ruined Everything

Making a video game is hard. What was once doable for a lone nerd in a basement now requires a team of dozens of people and a group of corporate backers. And while corporate backers can be understanding and reasonable, they still have expectations when it comes to the amount of time and money development can take.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Despite being one of the smoothest, most polished action game experiences in the history of the industry, Metal Gear Solid V has become infamous for one simple fact: it wasn’t actually complete when it was released. The story is a complete mess, full of inconsistent characters, unclear motivations and major plot points hidden inside optional cassettes that you may not even notice slip into your inventory.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that the ending was a confused, hurried mess.

After blowing up the game’s token Metal Gear weapon and calling in Skull Face’s debt of three limbs, players are greeted to a “Chapter 2” that consists of a handful of disjointed missions that almost always culminate on a member of Venom Snake’s supporting cast leaving forever. Finally, fans are treated to confirmation that Venom Snake, the game’s lead character, is not actually the Big Boss they’ve been lead to believe.

It’s a half-hearted twist ending that most fans saw coming at one point or another (Big Boss, after all, had two arms and zero horns) that was made even more disappointing by the fact that game director Hideo Kojima actively flaunted in-game that he was dissatisfied with the final product. Possibly spurred on by his feud with MGS V publisher, Konami, Kojima made sure to leave us feeling his frustration while also wondering what could have been if the game wasn’t hurried to completion.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

It’s not that Brotherhood has a bad ending… it’s just rushed. Very, very rushed.

While the twist ending for Desmond, the modern day ancestor to a number of history’s greatest assassins whose brain is repeatedly probed for information on ancient relics, is totally fine… the finale for Ezio Auditore, the actual assassin, is far less grandiose.

After slowly and steadily dismantling the would-be empire of Duke Cesare Borgia, Ezio moves in to deliver the coup de grace. That doesn’t occur, however, without the help of a series of jump cuts that quickly glance over Borgia murdering his own father, being arrested, breaking out of jail, Ezio rallying the Assassins, harnessing an ancient alien artefact, killing Borgia and then sealing said artefact away.

That’s a lot of plot points to fit into an hour of gameplay, especially for an Assassin’s Creed game. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world since it effectively wraps up everything for Brotherhood’s actual conclusion, players can practically feel the developers’ hands on their backs as they are shoved through the last stretch of what was an otherwise leisurely paced game.

Mass Effect 3

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Ugh, how predictable,” but let’s be honest. You know that this deserves to be here, and you love bagging on the atrocious ending to Mass Effect 3 too.

And rightly so. From beginning to just before the end, Mass Effect 3 was a damn near perfect conclusion to the series. The gun-slinging was refined and fun. The overarching storylines that spanned all three games like the Krogan genophage and the endless struggle between Quarians and the Geth, were all wrapped up beautifully.

All the game needed to do was just let you, the baddest man or woman in the galaxy, save the day.

But they just couldn’t do it! Series director Casey Hudson made good on his promise of the ending not being a matter of “A, B or C” by making it a matter of A, A or A, with the only differences being what colour explosion crashes your ship, and whether or not Joker gets to hang out with his robot girlfriend or starts macking on your alien girlfriend.

In retrospect, the tidal wave of bile that crashed onto Bioware for the ending was a bit overboard given how roundly excellent the game was otherwise. Still, it was a bad, bad ending that reeked of a sooner-than-ideal deadline.

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#Bad Video Game Endings That Ruined Everything