Every single Xbox One Game That Supports HDR

One of the benefits of the new Xbox One S is support for high-dynamic range. If you have a 4K TV, this means more vibrant and luminous games; in essence, it aims to make content look more realistic.

xbox one s 1

If you’re wondering what games support HDR now or will in the future, we’ve roundup them up here. We will continue to update this post as more HDR-supported games are announced.

HDR Xbox One Games (as of January 9, 2017):

  • Battlefield 1
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Gears of War 4
  • Hitman
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda NBA 2K17
  • Pure Chess Ultra
  • RecoreResident Evil 7
  • World of Tanks

Source – Gamespot

#Every single Xbox One S Game That Supports HDR