Worst Celebrity Video Game Performance Of All Time

Movies and video games are moving closer together, so it’s not uncommon to find big-name actors appearing in AAA games. Kevin Spacey showed up in one of those Call Of Duty games, Liam Neeson gave some gravitas to Fallout 3, and Patrick Stewart has regularly loaned out his silky tones to fantasy games.

Mickey Rourke – Rogue Warrior

Something clearly went wrong during development of Rogue Warrior, where it went from being an ambitious first person shooter to a dreary, poorly designed third person game that could be finished in a couple of hours.


The game boasted the vocal talents of Mickey Rourke, who was on a comeback streak thanks to The Wrestler. Unfortunately, it sounds like he recorded while suffering from an awful hangover. His character is a croaky, foul-mouthed jerk who is downright unpleasant to be around, and the only genuine emotion Rourke invests is sounding angry about being trapped in a recording booth and reading his dialogue out loud.

Rourke has a history of sleeping walking through certain roles for a cheque – check out Immortals for more information – and this is one of the prime examples.

Source – Whatculture