Why We All Want To Play Fallout 4 On Nintendo Switch

We could all use a little weird and ridiculous, and Nintendo has always been the wild card when it comes to hardware, never content with mere iteration but instead driven by an obsession with being different (in stark contrast to their approach to a few bloated franchises, but I digress). And different is good. Most of the time, anyway. Nintendo systems can get a bit gimmicky, to be sure, but they’re so committed to their own audaciousness that you can’t quite hate them.


I know, I know. A premier Bethesda RPG like Fallout appearing on Nintendo hardware, the bastion of all things cutesy and twee? Next you’ll tell me we’ll get a Mario game on mobile.


To be fair, stranger things have happened, again, like Bayonetta 2. And Bethesda is on that list of Switch partners, and Skyrim did make a prominent appearance in the system’s reveal trailer. On top of that, Bethesda boss Todd Howard has already professed his love of the Switch and all but confirmed that future titles will add Nintendo’s latest to their launch lineup. What exactly that entails remains to be seen, but hopefully Fallout can find a spot.

Am I saying Fallout is better than The Elder Scrolls? No, only that the sci-fi mythos of the former is better suited to the (known) capabilities of the Switch. Hacking and browsing monitors, in particular, stands to benefit from touch-screen play, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to have your Pip-Boy literally in your hands at all times.

Source – Whatculture

#Why We All Want To Play Fallout 4 On Nintendo Switch