The Worst Thing About Owning A Playstation 4

The recent runaway success of the PlayStation brand hasn’t been without its missteps. So much so that in some areas, Sony still falls flat on its face when compared to its competition.

The great PSN outage of 2011 is by far the best example of this. Paying customers were unable to access Sony’s online services for 23 days due to an external attack on their servers. 23 DAYS! Listening to some people, it was like the world had collapsed around them. Although a little hyperbolic, it left Sony executives embarrassed and scrambling frantically to find a fix. The hack compromised the personal details of 77 million accounts, making it one of the biggest data security breaches in history.


Sony’s biggest competitor Microsoft has never had to deal with a failing quite as colossal as the PSN outage. Sure, Microsoft have had their share of snafus. The biggest probably being the reveal of the Xbox One with its anti-consumer DRM measures and mandatory always-online internet connection. But nothing even comes close to someone stealing all your customers’ private data including addresses, credit card details and so on. Since the outage, Sony has certainly learned some harsh lessons, though there’s still plenty of room for improvement.


To some people, trophies are meaningless. A small distraction that pops up every now and again, letting them know they’ve achieved something they didn’t even know they were doing. To others, they are everything. They’re a measure of one’s gaming achievements and prowess tracked over time, giving bragging rights to those that manage to secure a trophy where so many others have tried and failed.


The problem is that whilst trophies are important to some people, there is no consistency in their worth. Trophies ranked from bronze, silver, gold to platinum are achieved in games for performing certain acts or meeting specific criteria. Platinum trophies are awarded once all other trophies in the game have been collected. They are the mark of a true completionist.

Source – Gamespew

#The Worst Thing About Owning A Playstation 4