Why Xbox Project Scorpio Will Destroy Playstation 4 Pro

The new year is finally here.  Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to the year 2017.  Microsoft in particular is looking forward to this year.  With a new year comes a new console for the company in the name of Project Scorpio.  While Microsoft did release another console last year in the Xbox One S, it was more of a half step upgrade to the Xbox One, rather than a full step up as the PS4 Pro is for the PS4.  The PS4 Pro has made its debut and been out for awhile now and offers the only true viable 4K Gaming Experience, aside from PC Gaming that is.


While The Xbox One S can dabble in HDR Technology and has a 4K Blu-ray player, which is surprisingly missing from the PS4 Pro, it cannot achieve true 4K gaming.  Microsoft is looking to wrong that right with Project Scorpio.  It’s no secret wither that while sales of the Xbox One have indeed increased since their sluggish start, they still pale in comparison to the PS4, which had a very, very strong start.  Perhaps Microsoft is looking to take advantage of Sony rushing to be the first to offer a full fledged 4K, VR Compatible gaming console.

Rumors have been flying around about the system for awhile, as far as technical specifications, console abilities, release date, and pricing.  Lets start with what we do know, or what the accepted rumors are, about the system.  A handy comparison chart has been put together by the folks over at IGN.  First, it seems we have a potential release date, sometime in Holiday 2017.  Next, it is rumored that Project Scorpio boasts better technology than its Sony counterpart for a chage, which is indeed a good sign for Microsoft.  While they are keeping a few specifications about the processor hush hush, we do know that is an 8-core CPU.

xbox scorpio

What we do know for a fact is that the GPU for Project Scorpio will have a definite edge over the PS4 pro, provided it can be optimized properly.  Project Scorpio has a 6 teraflop GPU as opposed to Sony’s 4.2 teraflop GPU.  Again, provided optimization goes well, Project Scorpio gets the nod here.  Microsoft is also boasting that it will be VR Ready and more capable than it’s competitor.  Rumor is that Project Scorpio will somehow partner with Occulus to achieve this.  If all holds true, then Microsoft is able to offer a newer, more powerful machine that would supposedly perform better in areas where the PS4 Pro was marketed to be the best at.


One final piece if information that is somewhat new is the price point.  There have been a couple rumors flying around that the console will have a MSRP price of $399.99.   The PS4 Pro launched at this price as well, and eventually by the time Project Scorpio is released, it will no doubt see price drops.  Launching at the same price that the PS4 Pro came out at gives Microsoft the advantage it say that its consumers will be getting a more powerful machine for the same price as its competitors less powerful unit.  Plus launching with the holiday season and no doubt the bundles that are to come with it, Microsoft will be able to push more consoles out and hopefully close the gap if not overtake the title of total units sold from Sony.

Source – Thisgengaming

#Why Xbox Project Scorpio Will Destroy Playstation 4 Pro