The Most Underrated Video Game Soundtrack Of All Time

Music is perhaps the single most overlooked aspect of video games, something which is generally expected to be there, but which hardly receives much praise or criticism. That said, music is equally one of the most important components in the construction of a given experience, setting tone or maintaining atmosphere, as well as manipulating emotional responses, and even regulating pace.

Super Meat Boy (Danny Baranowsky)

This particular soundtrack – composed by Danny Baranowsky – is arguably one of the single most memorable and enduring soundtracks in gaming history, despite its omission from the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which was the result of a disagreement between the composer and the development team over licensing issues.

Regardless, the original soundtrack is remarkable, comprised of numerous dynamic, energetic songs which perfectly compliment the action, providing an extra dose of personality to the cartoonish visuals and unrelenting gameplay. Lil’ Slugger is particularly amazing, paying homage to the history of game soundtracks while demonstrating remarkable inventiveness and ingenuity. That said, the entire thing is an absolute blast from beginning to end with almost no exceptions.

The second soundtrack – composed by Matthias Bossi, Jon Evansm and Laura Shigihara for the PlayStation 4 and PSVita version of Super Meat Boy – was commendable, but flawed. Without a doubt, the original is the superior, completely defining this meaty platformer.

Source – Whatculture