Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Details Revealed

Nintendo Switch will make major changes to online multiplayer for Nintendo.

With the Nintendo Switch release date just a few months away, news is coming in thick and fast.

According to the latest reports, Nintendo is finally moving with the times in terms of online multiplayer, scrapping friend codes and enabling voice chat.


Speaking to OBE1plays, Nintendo insider Laura Dale also suggested that the Nintendo Switch would feature gameplay sharing.

Whether this means users will have to pay a fixed price for an online subscription is unclear, but the increased functionality is a positive sign for Nintendo.

No doubt the company will put its own stamp on the online multiplayer side of things, but we’ll have to wait until the , specs, games and reveal to find out.

The Nintendo Switch games list is set to be boosted by the news that is coming to the console.


However, despite previous rumours that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it appears the exclusivity will only be for a limited time.

Codenamed Odyssey, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will remain on Switch for a year, before hitting Xbox One and PS4.


“BGE2 codename is Odyssey. Exclusive to Switch for 12 months only, retail and digital versions. after 12 months digital on PS4 and XB1.”

It’s unclear if Beyond Good and Evil will be ready for the Nintendo Switch release date in March.

Source – Express

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