New Spiderman Game For Playstation 4 Details Leaked By IMDB

Two days into 2017 and the first details from the new Spider-Man game for PS4 may have inadvertently been leaked on IMDB. The internet movie database isn’t always the correct source for facts but from a history of details on the first Guardians flick and a few others, it does have some validations under its belt. Earlier today an update to the site, which was taken down shortly after being posted, dropped the synopsis of some of the game’s possible story elements. As always, until developer Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank, Resistance) or Sony give the official word, you should take the following info with a grain of salt. But man oh man if this is true then Spider-Man for PS4 could be one hell of a ride.


Of course, Stan Lee isn’t writing the game but he and Ditko will have some sort of deserved legacy credit. Sure, Spider-Man fighting the Green Goblin isn’t something the wide audience of film and video games hasn’t experienced before. What’s interesting, in the above, is the possible path Insomniac could be carving out with the character. A married Peter Parker with a daughter. Could we see Annie Parker come to video games? The Renew Your Vows series by Dan Slott gave us a really fun character and one I wouldn’t mind seeing make a jump to PS4. Peter Parker, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10), could be married again which is something fans have wanted since Peter and MJ were ripped apart by the events of One More Day. Thank you for that spike strip on our highway of enjoyment, Joe Quesada.


While this is just a sliver of information, if true it reaffirms Insomniac is telling their own unique Spider-Man story and Marvel are really starting to learn the value of letting talented studios take chances with their IP in order to tell stories which lend themselves to good gaming experiences.

IMDB is also listing this as a 2017 game. Judging by how much we’ve actually seen from this exclusive title, would put Spider-Man as a late Fall release.  What do you think? Is this a Spider-Man you’re excited to see? Would it be fun to play part of the game as Annie Parker? What if he’s married to Gwen instead of Mary Jane in this universe?

Source – Comicsbeat

#New Spiderman Game For Playstation 4 Details Leaked By IMDB