Confessions Of A Playstation 4 Owner After Buying An Xbox One

Despite its disastrous start, the Xbox One hasn’t really put at foot wrong over the past year. Although the lingering taste of DRM and restrictive sharing practices still taint Microsoft’s console long after those features were stripped, Xbox head Phil Spencer has been knocking it out the park when it comes to announcing brand new exclusives, hardware and system updates.

Regular Updates

Monthly updates have completely reshaped what the Xbox One can do. Not content to let its console stagnate, Microsoft has been committed to regularly updating its machine with new features and additions that give you a reason to jump back in every single time something changes. For a company that harboured so much ill-will a few years ago, it shows that Microsoft is dedicated to its gamer-first approach, implementing requested features that constantly improve the experience for players.


Sony, on the other hand, has been laborious with releasing firmware updates for the PS4. Coming months and months apart, Sony’s major updates admittedly improve quite a lot of the features and problems with the console, but the amount of time it takes for the company to implement these changes is just too long. With key features still missing that fans have been clamouring for since the console’s initial launch, Sony just doesn’t seem focused on fixing the long-term issues of its machine.

Overall Microsoft’s focus on updates and player experience just seems that bit more dedicated and thought out, and you get the idea that the Xbox One is more prepared to evolve with the times over its inevitably long lifespan.

Online Service

Look, no matter how much we try to pretend it isn’t, the Playstation Network is trash. Sure, it’s better than it was in the PS3 era, but it’s still nowhere near the standard it needs to be. With unplanned maintenance, general instability and a tendency to break with every firmware update, PSN has a dreadful reputation – which is even more shocking considering that the service was supposed to improve once Sony started charging for subscriptions.

ps4 vs xbox one

Xbox Live on the other hand is as reliable as ever. Building on the foundation they knocked out the park with the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s fast and safe service for the console relieves plenty of the annoyances found deep in the code of its competition.

While it might not seem like a major feature in distinguishing the two consoles, the fact that so much of modern gaming relies on a reliable online connection means that Sony’s inconsistent offering is a real embarrassing blight on what’s an otherwise top-standard console experience.


No matter what I’ve said previously, deciding on your preferred console is going to be down to where your friends are playing. The social media approach both companies have taken in designing their dashboard feeds and system features has meant that without a populated friends list, your console’s main screen feels lifeless and boring.

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And that’s not to mention being excluded from the best online games this generation has to offer. As the years tick by its becoming more and more apparent that video games are becoming an inter-connected medium. Even single-player titles feature some kind of seamless social interaction, so you can’t ever really escape the shared experiences that these releases have to offer. As a result it’s not only small features that become isolating when your friends list is barren – it can be entire gaming experiences.

So when it comes down to it, the console you’re going to get the most out of is the one all of your friends are also playing. Graphics, features and games can’t make up for losing out on the social element that makes gaming such an enjoyable and memorable shared experience.

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#Confessions Of A Playstation 4 Owner After Buying An Xbox One