Top 5 Best God Of War Video Games Ever Made

The God of War series is the best thing to happen to Greek Mythology since Jason and the Argonauts, each instalment reviving the legends with stunning visuals, epic storylines, and some of the greatest boss battles ever conceived.

5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Kratos’s second PSP adventure, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, improved on its predecessor in numerous ways and is easily one of the best games ever to appear on the system.


Ready at Dawn delivered a prequel with a more substantial story that delved deeper into Kratos’s past and gave fans insight into his relationship with his brother, Deimos.

Refined combat mechanics made disembowelling centaurs and blinding Cyclopes as gratifying as ever, but it still felt like a footnote to the saga’s more definitive chapters on console.

4. God of War: Ascension

Although we’ve ranked this the lowest of the console instalments, God of War: Ascension contained all the series’ hallmarks and was one of the better releases of the PlayStation 3’s twilight phase.

However, after five previous helpings of Kraken good fun, God of War‘s blood-stained blueprint was showing signs of turning stale.


The solo campaign was essentially more of the same, and while Sony Santa Monica’s attempts to expand the series with multiplayer were admirable, the game as a whole left some fans dissatisfied.

3. God of War 2

God of War 2 is a sequel that upped the ante with a grander sense of scale, the developers attempting to build on the success of the original with bigger and better boss battles.

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While we’ll always have fond memories of tangling with the Colossus of Rhodes, slaying the Kraken, or the final showdown with Zeus, story elements were sacrificed to the gods to make way for all this mayhem.

The original God of War struck an effective balance between character development and action, with Kratos occasionally coming across as sympathetic, but the sequel was a bloodbath that didn’t quite recapture that.

2. God of War

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the original God of War must have a head the size of Mount Olympus – and that speaks volumes about how influential it was.

The Ghost of Sparta’s debut is one of the greatest games ever to grace the PS2, and the action-adventure genre was never the same after it launched.


The sequels have proven worthy successors, but God of War was a true game-changer. Fans have never forgotten their first play-through, experiencing that plot twist for the first time during an age when slaughtering a menagerie of mythical beasts felt fresh and new.

1. God of War 3

Few hack ‘n’ slash games can claim to be as influential as the original God of War, but the third instalment leveraged the power of the PS3 to take the series to bold new heights and was an appropriate swansong for Kratos.


Graphically breathtaking, God of War 3 maintained the standards set by its predecessors and harked back to the days of the original by ending on an emotive note, adding context to the madness.

Picking off the Greek gods one by one and laying waste to a Titan the size of a mountain are among the highlights on offer in an action-adventure that was – and still is – the complete package.

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