The Most Offensive Video Game Ever Made

As a guy who is almost impossible to offend, writing up a list of the 10 most offensive games I could think of was a bit of a challenge. None of these particularly offended me due to to their content, but the fact that a few of them even exist at all kind of makes me want to plumb the depths of the human psyche.


Manhunt was an otherwise decent stealth-based survival-horror game, containing violent content somewhat more excessive in its brutality than most other titles at the time. Players sneak around maze-like levels and were tasked with killing dudes in various gruesome ways, getting points for violence, essentially. Suffocating dudes with plastic bags, stabbing dudes in the face with knives, knocking dudes in the head with bats, sticking axes into dudes, etc.


It’s all really standard fair, actually, but the big difference is that back then there was this totally insane blowhard lawyer named Jack Thompson that was trying to make name for himself by engaging in anti-games litigation. Remember that guy? No? Good.


Jackie-boy labeled Manhunt a “murder simulator”, just one of many ignorant, fear mongering statements that led to the game being pointlessly banned in a number of countries.

Source – Gameranx

#The Most Offensive Video Game Ever Made