The Most Easiest Video Game Boss Battle Of All Time

Killer Croc – Batman Arkham Asylum

There are a lot of cool, dangerous, and unique villains within the Batman mythos, but fighting this Rogues Gallery didn’t always translate well when adapted to video games. Enter Killer Croc, a brute of a villain who is more than a match for our Dark Knight. Yet, his fight in Batman: Arkham Asylum is incredibly underwhelming and devolves into an over-extended game of chicken.


The only way Killer Croc can kill you is if he manages to close a gap and the player somehow misses their Batarang throw, making for an endlessly safe encounter. This fight goes on for upwards of twenty minutes, ending in one final game of chicken where… he just falls down a big hole and you leave.

Source – Twinfinite 

#The Most Easiest Video Game Boss Battle Of All Time