The Most Amazing Thing About Doom 2016

The original Doom changed the course of the video game industry for good. Its meteoric rise to popularity ushered in a new era of games development, birthing a genre which still remains one of the most popular and financially viable of its kind.

The Doom 4

Doom 2016 has been unanimously praised as a return to form for a franchise that had appeared to have lost its way. However, the game could have ended up being very different, and most likely for worse.

doom 2016

Doom 4 had been in development for a very long time, and in that time it went through many different iterations. At one point the game was being developed as a retelling of Doom II: Hell on Earth, with you as a soldier on the ground fighting back against a full scale demon invasion.

doom 6

It was certainly epic in scope, but id Software and Bethesda eventually realized that it was feeling more like a standard Call of Duty style military shooter than Doom. It was quickly scrapped, and focus was shifted towards making a game closer in style to the originals.

Source – Whatculture

#The Most Amazing Thing About Doom 2016