The Greatest Video Game Storyline Of 2016

For all the brouhaha generated over graphics and music, a video game is only as immersive as the story-telling it uses to draw players in.


During Mafia 3‘s ending, it comes time to decide who you really are. This isn’t in the “good and bad” sense either – the sum of your actions effectively comes back to haunt you – but it’s amazing how many times Mafia 3 poses that question.

mafia 3

The arc of revenge and overwhelming anger felt by Clay is tragic and self-destructive as much as it is progressive. If Mafia 3 held up a mirror to the disgusting traits of humanity in the late 60’s, then it also served as a window into the deepest darkest depths of a man’s soul.

Source – Gamingbolt

#The Greatest Video Game Storyline Of 2016