Most Phenomenal Video Game Soundtrack Of 2016

The role of music in games is sadly underrated- even as we have had incredible game soundtracks over the year, thanks to some incredible Nintendo offerings, and titles like Persona and Final Fantasy, a whole lot of people never even stop to consider the role and importance of music in their games.

Final Fantasy XV

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Final Fantasy 15’s music is veritable art- from just how well it uses some older compositions to how great the new ones are, from how well selected the licensed music is, the music in this game is incredible.


But more than that, perhaps, what Final Fantasy 15 excels in is in knowing when certain music pieces should and should not be played- and the effect of Final Fantasy 15’s incredible soundtrack is, as a result, truly maximized, reinforcing its status as the best gaming OST of the year.

Source – Gamingbolt

#Most Phenomenal Video Game Soundtrack Of 2016