Why Shenmue III Could Be A Big Failure

The majority of 2016’s biggest games are due to hit stores over the next few months, as in the pre-Christmas frenzy, publishers attempt to tear as much money from your wallet as possible But we have a prediction for one of the biggest game coming in 2017

A Big Letdown – Shenmue III

The Prediction: Shenmue III will finally release at the end of next year…and end up as 2017’s biggest disappointment.

Why It Will Happen: It’s almost painful to admit this, but Shenmue III almost certainly won’t amass a budget to match the original titles, and from the gameplay footage shown off so far, the graphics honestly look all over the place.


Plus, considering that director Yu Suzuki has largely been absent from the AAA gaming sphere since the release of Shenmue II, could the long-awaited sequel not end up feeling immensely dated?

Why It Might Not: It’s known that the game has raised at least $6.6 million from crowdfunding alone, and that other investors are stumping up significant (yet undisclosed) cash to round out the budget.


Perhaps investors were impressed enough with the record-breaking Kickstarter that the game ended up receiving a major funds injection beyond all expectations, and maybe with Suzuki having had so long to work out what Shenmue III needs to be, he’ll be bringing nothing but his A-game.

Source – Whatculture

#Why Shenmue III Could Be A Big Failure