Nintendo Switch New Price Details Leaked Online

More facts have been confirmed about the Nintendo Switch games lineup ahead of the big presentation next month, as well as on some console specifications.

Two big eye-catchers is that the Nintendo Switch price will fall under the $300 mark for certain versions of the console, while the UK release date is thought to be set for March 17th.


Laura Kate Dale recently took part in a Reddit AMA, a person who has proved a groundswell of knowledge on the subject since it was first announced.

According to Dale, The Nintendo Switch presentation could see a new teaser for Beyond Good and Evil 2 shown, as well as a whole new IP announcement.

“I have heard a CGI teaser for BGE2 is in the works, less than a minute long (double sourced),” she told fans on Reddit.


“No word if it’ll be ready for Jan. I suspect not Jan event but equally I don’t know when else a 1 min teaser being worked on now would be for. Can’t place any other events they would be prepping it for.

“Yep, stuff you’re not expecting. At least one unexpected new IP.”


Dale also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch specs sheet may also be missing a built-in ethernet port, going on how the new generation devkits and hands on demo units are shaping up.

“Pretty much every games console, the switch has gone through multiple dev kit iterations,” Dale adds.

Source – Express

#Nintendo Switch New Price Details Leaked Online