Is Call Of Duty 2017 Going To Feature A Female Villain ?

After years and years of male villains, the Call of Duty series will introduce a female antagonist for the first time.

Why It Will Happen: Last year’s Black Ops 3 saw the introduction of a female protagonist, so why not take it one step further and give the series a female baddie next time?

It feels like a natural next step, especially given the wealth of respected actresses who could absolutely nail the part. Charlize Theron? Jodie Foster? Kate Winslet? The list is basically endless.

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Why It Might Not: Activision might play it safe and worry that 12-year-olds won’t find a woman villain compelling enough (for ludicrous reasons), or that the inevitable showdown against said woman could result in some sort of ‘violence against women’ controversy.

Basically, stupid reasons are the only thing holding this back from happening.

Source – Whatculture

#Is Call Of Duty 2017 Going To Feature A Female Villain ?