Best Upcoming Old-School Looking Video Game

Although Christmas may be over, the gifts still keep coming. In a trailer reveal today, Arc System Works unveiled both that Double Dragon IV exists and that it’s coming to PS4 and PC on January 30, 2017.


The trailer is less than two minutes long and it contains a long montage showing the original NES game in action, which might lead you to think that this sequel is going to have some kind of graphical reboot along the lines of Double Dragon Neon. And then, at the 1:09 mark, the new gameplay footage starts…and it looks very, very true to the original game. The gameplay and sprites are straight from the NES classics.



According to the game’s official website the title will retail for 800 yen (approximately $8) for the downloadable version of the game. It has received a rating of T from the ESRB and 12 from PEGI.

Source – Gamespot

#Best Upcoming Old-School Looking Video Game