Best Co-Op Video Game You Should Play In 2016

The age of split-screen co-op may be fading away but when it comes to playing with your friends, gaming just keeps offering more and more with each passing year

Gear Of War 4

The Coalition was already fighting an uphill battle by not having four player co-op for the campaign. However, it defied the odds to create a traditional but still highly enjoyable story filled with danger, excitement and variety. Horde mode further catered to co-op players and while we’re not fans of the borderline pay-to-win card system, it does add a whole lot of variety to the experience. It also helps that Xbox One and PC owners could play together without too many issues.

gears of war

Finally, it comes down to the gameplay. Gears of War 4 is a manic experience that just begs to be enjoyed with friends, whether you’re strategising or chainsawing foes left and right.

Source – Gamingbolt

#Best Co-Op Video Game You Should Play In 2016