Mick Gordon (DOOM) – Best Music Composer 2016

Mick Gordon is the composer for Doom, and has worked on Wolfenstein: The New Order, Killer Instinct 2014, and several Need For Speed games.

If you are fan of DOOM series then you should be fan of its amazing out of the box soundtrack. Composed by mastermind Mick Gordon and in my opinion I think he really outdone himself with music of DOOM 2016

I have collected some opinions all around the internet about the DOOM 2016 music and they are just phenomenal.

We want to give Mick Gordon our “Best Music Composer Of 2016” Award.

FALLOUT 4 (1).png

I am a big fan of Mick Gordon and would love to interview him in future.

#Mick Gordon (DOOM) – Best Music Composer 2016