Top 5 Reason Why We Need Bloodborne 2 Instead Of Dark Souls 4

Bloodborne excelled and may have even managed to outdo the original Dark Souls in many ways. The level of polish and refinement that went into everything from the sound design, to world design, to weapons to cape physics is astounding and in many ways.


The highlight of Bloodborne were the insanely brilliant and creative Trick Weapons. While few in number, they were polished to a perfect refined state, meaning that every single weapon was a valid tactic, where only a few in Dark Souls were really usable to the end. Flipping seamlessly between the two states of the weapons, combining a massive array of attacks to perfectly deal with the situation. The freedom of having two move sets built into the one weapon made the game excitedly fun to play.

The only thing wrong with the Trick Weapons was the fact that they were so few in number. While the DLC made efforts to rectify this and added a whole host of new ones, we can only image the ingenious designs they could come up with for a sequel. Each weapon had character and was a joy to handle and use often changing the entire way you played the game.


A sequel would allow FromSoftware to make more weapons which was undoubtedly a lot of fun to do. The amount of care and detail that went into each one shows a game developer than genuinely cares about their work.

All in all, we just want some more insane weapons. Finding the Amygdala Arm in the DLC open entire new doors. The weapon was immensely erratic and made the game entire fresh on a new playthrough. We need more like that and need them soon!


This is purely my opinion, but I think that Bloodborne was so nearly perfect in its atmosphere, but with a few tweaks could make a genuinely terrifying horror/action game hybrid. If we paired the promised lighting engine of Dark Souls 2 with the tight enclosed spaces and streets of Yharnam, you would have a game that would be genuinely scary. For a game that already had quite a few haunting and chilling moments, a sequel could make it brilliant.


It would make perfect sense for a sequel to incorporate darker spaces and it’s one of the main reasons that I want a sequel to the game. The potential to be had from using lighting to a greater degree could turn the series into a hack and slash horror game as you stalk the streets, knowing full well that you are in turn being stalked. The potential game that could be made could be what we are wanting and could add new opportunities for FromSoftware to stretching their creative muscles and give us an atmospheric experience like no other.

And while it may stretch the boundaries of warranting a sequel, the game that could be made and the prospect of having that world to explore on the off chance FromSoftware come up with the idea, is reason enough to want one. I mean just imagine it. Does it not make you want a sequel?

Chalice Dungeons

A lot of people stand divided on the Chalice dungeons, with some saying its wasted time and effort that could have been poured into the main game, while others say that it added a new fresh spin to the game. I for one loved them. They added more bosses, enemies and opportunities to experience the combat and gameplay, even if they were a little rough around the edges.


But they were a proof of concept. A beta so to speak. They were completely optional and had no effect on the main game and with enough assets, enemies and bosses there is no reason why the Chalice Dungeons couldn’t support their own game if they wanted too. The mechanics were in dire need of refinement, but the inherent worth was there, with the opportunity to piece together the story. True the randomly generated aspects could feel samey after a long time, but that’s why we need a sequel. Too see them in their full glory.

The proof of concept is there, FromSoftware just need to focus some effort onto making a multitude of levels to combine. I fully believe that they intended to make the Chalices better which is why a sequel is a necessity so we can see the true nature of the Chalice Dungeons shine, like they were supposed to.


The worlds that FromSoftware have created are some of the most detailed and enjoyable to explore. Lordran was ingenious in its design and Lothric captured the essence of the original to a higher calibre than the second. However, none are more exciting and fun to explore than Yharnam. Intense and genuinely gripping to explore, with every nook and cranny offering something new and different than before.

There is an overall sense that FromSoftware really cared about the world they were creating, with the player being able to infer and interact with the world in small subtle ways. That is what Bloodborne even greater and is the reason that we need more to explore. While FromSoftware created an exceptional world, they didn’t get a real chance to stretch their creative chops with the game, most environments sticking to city streets. It excelled when it tackled areas like the Forbidden Woods and the Fishing Hamlet.


With the opportunity to expand areas beyond their typical street setting, they could create and even more enjoyable world than they did before. The game didn’t offer many chances for unique and inspiring areas, with some of the greatest ones having to detract themselves entirely from the city streets to truly shine. A game where they could be more creative could be truly inspired and the reason a sequel could offer up


It really says a lot when the best four bosses in Dark Souls 3 are Champion Gundyr, Nameless King and the Soul of Cinder and Pontiff Sulyvahn. What do they all have in common? That’s right, they are the traditional variant on the standard dude in armour. Putting aside the fact that they are actually really good bosses, the creativity and the awe of fighting them is somewhat lost with Nameless King being the only one with a degree of fantasy spectacle.

But Bloodborne… You’ll have trouble finding a consensus on the best boss, because they are so brilliantly made that everybody has a different top three. The bosses in Bloodborne were drenched in a degree of creativity that was entirely refreshing as you had no idea what was coming. What amalgamation of what human and beast body parts will flail itself at you next. The bosses were almost all of the same calibre of quality with a few failing on that level.


If there is to be a sequel to one of these games, I would rather that we got a sequel to the game that had a realm of creativity and quality in their boss design. A creativity that the genre and setting only bolsters, with the Lovecraft inspired world allowing for all manners of natural abominations. We want more Ludwigs and more Gerhman’s bosses that were unique fun and challenging. A direct response to the new, fresh scenery of Bloodborne.

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#Top 5 Reason Why We Need Bloodborne 2 Instead Of Dark Souls 4