The Most Disappointing Playstation 4 Video Game Of 2016

The year of 2016 had its highs and low. There was much to talk about with the greatest games of the century and the biggest disappointments. Here we discuss some of our least favorite releases for PS4 this year.

Alekhine’s Gun

This game is reminiscent of the poplar Hitman franchise, which is one of the reasons it was such a letdown.

Another game with potential, Alekhine’s gun is exciting and does well with the mafia-style setting, and missions. But, the NPC’s are less than interactive and unlike other RPG games, they will completely ignore you two seconds after you harm them or break a law. You can get away with more simply by taking a few steps, thus your sins forgotten.


The game is also full of bugs, which really stints the gameplay. You can get stuck, walk through walls, and more.

Even though the quality here is lacking, I’d like to see the developers do better, and would attempt a play-through of a sequel to Alekhine’s Gun. 

Source – PS4home

#The Most Disappointing Playstation 4 Video Game Of 2016