Top 5 Best Video Game Moments Of 2016

Say what you like about how 2016 played out overall, we got some brilliant video games.

Car Chase – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

There’s just something about the genius of Naughty Dog giving you the blank canvas of an in-motion car chase that’s endlessly engaging and experimentally deep.


Starting out with a more standard driving section before Drake ends up hanging on for dear life on the end of his grappling hook, once you make it to the first car – firing at enemies and sliding through the mud as you go – it’s off to the races. Do you leap between vehicles and take foes out with fists and kicks, commandeer a jeep for yourself and ram some others off the road, shoot the tires out from behind cover, or a mix of all three and whatever else comes to mind?

Ostensibly feeling like the jeep-hopping sequence from Uncharted 2 on steroids, A Thief’s End’s version is one of the most impressive feats of reactive game design you’ll lay eyes on this year – all with you at the centre.

The Last Guardian – Trico Fight

The Last Guardian will divide rooms like asking if people are ‘cat people’ or ‘dog people’, but when it comes to the actual presentation of its minimalist narrative, playing as a young prisoner who grows attached to the gigantic Trico is one of the most majestic and emotional narratives in gaming.

A particularly impressive teeth-clencher comes slap-bang in the middle of the story, where having navigated a number of passages and pathways to set up what could be seen as a ‘taking off strip’ for Trico – and hearing the boy ask the beast if he can fly – you quickly realise he’s going to give it a go.

last guardian

You promptly clamber up and hang on for dear life as Trico backs up and bounds off into the air. It’s all or nothing as you both plummet straight down into the cavernous depths below.

Then – somewhat obviously, but try telling me you didn’t punch the sky when it happened – his wings outstretch, the music drops out and you just soar for a good few seconds before climbing the other side of the chasm you were attempting to clear.

Trico makes it up, you fight some soldiers, and after all thatyou can choose to pet him, as the two of you are somehow still alive.

Hack The World- Watch Dogs 2

Talk about ‘ramping up’, Watch Dogs 2 fixed every last one of the issues from the original, providing a confident mission statement for the continuation of the franchise (if there is one) with some brilliantly fun missions like this.

watch dogs wallpaper

Set at a point in the story where player-character Marcus Holloway and his fellow Dedsec crew are flexing their muscles and seeing just what they can get away with in the name of raising awareness for their cause, the game’s scope takes on a whole new level when you’re suddenly controlling a satellite, looking down on the world itself.

From here you can jump between continents, re-routing servers to power your own. It’s a great way to show the interconnectedness of our modern society, alongside letting you drop into a number of different locations, all with geography-appropriate accents – a really fresh take on how to do a ‘globe-trotting’ sequence of environments.

First Planet – No Man’s Sky

Say what you like about No Man’s Sky – and people have thusly said quite a lot – those opening few hours were pretty brilliant.


Scavenging for items to rebuild your ship, spelunking in firefly-lit caves, fending off the occasional sentry droid and admiring the feeling of isolation in a galaxy so ginormous, actually blasting off said planet and taking to the stars was a genuine feeling of not knowing what was next.

Granted, the game all fell apart after, but if we’re talking about specific moments that stood out from across 2016, at least the opening of Hello Games’ ambitious survival game was firing on all cylinders.

Inside – Ending

Everything about INSIDE, from its protagonist to the world design, background detail and even the game mechanics that emerge during those final moments are up for interpretation. That said, there’s a poignant, fan-f*cking-tastic scene where your character assimilates himself into a hulking mound of flesh that appears to be held captive by a number of authority figures.

Following this you’ll break out, ushering in screams and horrified recoils of fear from the onlookers as the game goes full-on 1950s Hammer horror on you.


The purpose of the scene is mostly to get the hell out of the containment facility, but the unique way this amorphous blob controls – with just the right amount of weight and momentum behind every motion – is a perfect balance of physics and intuitive gameplay.

Ugly, visceral, memorable and ultimately very unique, Inside’s final moments are a mish-mash of body horror and the Orwellian-infused nightmare tone you’ve experienced so far. It’s WhatCulture Gaming’s Game of the Year 2016 for moments like this, and a ton more you’ll (hopefully) experience yourself.

Source – Whatculture

#Top 5 Best Video Game Moments Of 2016