Top 5 Signs That You Are Getting Too Old For Video Games

There comes a time in everyone’s life, where they need to accept they are getting too old for something.

Not Having The Time To Finish Anything

Kids, marriage, full-time job, social commitments, exercise, sleep.

That’s the day, and that is final.

Finding time to fit in a few digitally-rendered characters is tough. The story can be as immersive as it wants to be – it doesn’t matter when you’re capturing little Jaden’s first steps right?

You’ve Seen It All Before

Yes. Slaying Dragons, Gods and hundreds of grunt soldiers is boring.

The interior monologue that sees you beating down your colleagues in a fit of satisfying bloodshed is completely dull and not even slightly appealing.

Now imagine them as the zombies you used to slaughter to get your kicks…

Losing Track Of Buttons

Controllers haven’t changed that much for this question to ever need asking.

X has always been blue and always been very visible if you could just stop staring mindlessly at the screen to absorb the controller layout for a second or two.

Y & Square remain irrelevant.

Loading Times

Many modern games can take a while to load and occasionally, multiple restarts mean you’ll have to endure them until a given boss/thing is beaten.

Even mobile and handheld games can take a few more minutes than they should to give content. We’re supposed to be living in the future, dammit.

Gaming Can Be A Casual Thing

Whether you want to or not; there are some entries on this list you will agree with – that doesn’t make you too old for gaming. After all, escaping into another reality, having fun, getting immersed in interactive fiction when we can is why we bother in the first place.

It’s become second nature, and a safe environment for us all. Just because your own day-to-day nature changes, doesn’t mean you leave the medium behind altogether.

No one can take away your sanctuary, your happy place or, potentially, the only place you feel accepted – you may be too old for ‘gaming’, but you’re never too old for video games.

Source – Whatculture

#Top 5 Signs That You Are Getting Too Old For Video Games