Hideo Kojima Most Anticipated Video Game Is Red Dead Redemption 2

Hideo Kojima, like the rest of us, is looking forward to the games coming out in 2017. But which one is he the most interested in, at least in terms of what’s been announced? The Metal Gear Solid creator told GI.biz that Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is the highest on his list for games.


“Looking ahead, for games, my pick would have to be Red Dead Redemption [2],” he said.

Kojima has been a fan of Rockstar’s work for a while. In 2013, he said Grand Theft Auto V looked so impressive that it made him “depressed” because he thought his own project, Metal Gear Solid V, might not be able to have the same impact. “Rockstar’s team are the best. Without question they will pull up the possibility of game,” Kojima said at the time.


Here at GameSpot, we’ll reveal our own list of most anticipated 2017 games later today, December 22.

Red Dead Redemption 2, providing it stays on schedule, is slated to come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in fall 2017. The game looks gorgeous, but Rockstar hasn’t shared any concrete gameplay details yet.

Also in the GI.biz feature, Kojima revealed that the new Blade Runner film, Blade Runner 2049, is his most anticipated movie for 2017. It stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford–a new teaser video and some images for it were released this week.

Source – Gamespot

#Hideo Kojima Most Anticipated Video Game Is Red Dead Redemption 2