Greatest Anti-Hero Video Game Of All Time

Anti-heroes, often regular do-gooders occasionally befallen by tragedy – either in their past or in the present – tend to be the cool kids of the hero playground, or occasionally you’ll play wondering if they’ll see the error of their ways.

Joel – The Last Of Us

Once, just a loving, kind parent looking after his daughter at home until the fungal apocalypse hit. Now, he’s cracking skulls, breaking bones and, in his own way, further destroying the wasteland.

last of us

From the start, you see Joel as nothing more than a hero who fell on dark times, but as you progress he becomes more and more heroic until one fatal point drags his heroic status into a downward spiral into Anti-Heroville, possibly even Anti-Villain.

Of course, he just wants what’s best for Ellie, even if that means dooming mankind.

Source – Gaming Whatculture

#Greatest Anti-Hero Video Game Of All Time