Why You Should Buy An Xbox One Instead Of Playstation 4

Given that the Xbox One has now passed its third birthday, now is as good a time as ever to celebrate that large black box – or, slimmer white box, if you’ve got the Xbox One S.


Elite/Customisable Controllers

Custom thumbsticks, paint jobs like something off ‘Pimp My Ride’ and an array of whistles and bells: gamers have wanted more from their controllers since the earliest days of Atari and Nintendo. Microsoft have been the first company to take advantage of the burgeoning trade in PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 thumbsticks via online auction websites with the introduction of the Xbox One Elite controller.

The Xbox controller has always been a reliable and dependable piece of kit and the design has never strayed far from the Xbox S controller – we just had to get over the hurdle of the ol’ ‘Duke’ first of course.


The Xbox One Elite controller may cost over £100, but there is some serious bang for your buck included. The ability to buy durable metal thumbsticks, add paddles for racing simulators, have a d-pad that somehow looks like a precious metal and have the controller offer better grip with more rubber edging are all appreciated plus points. The Elite goes further than that though, by allowing total customisation of button assignments, even down to defining what clicking an analogue stick will do in-game.

The controller was well-received by gamers despite its price point, simply because it offers such a vast number of improvements over the original design, and addresses longstanding gripes with the Xbox 360 controller such as being slippery to grip or having a near-useless d-pad. The main contention came down to price and the fact the Elite has not yet been offered in any Xbox One bundles.

Games With Gold & FREE Backwards Compatibility

Games with Gold is a perk offered with an Xbox Live Gold membership, that gives gamers four titles per month across the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Xbox One owners get the benefit of having backwards compatibility, can download the Xbox 360 titles alongside the Xbox One games, and what’s more, 360 titles remain on the user’s Xbox 360 even after cancelling their Xbox Live Gold membership – which isn’t the case with PlayStation.


There is no question that the Xbox Games with Gold programme was late to the party compared to the PlayStation Instant Game Collection, but it has gained traction in the last two years, simply because the titles are comparatively better than any on PlayStation Plus.

The generally accepted wisdom is that you’d get AAA games as part of being a paid member of PlayStation Plus, yet this has not materialised on the PS4, whereas Microsoft have thrown out Sunset Overdrive, WWE 2K16 and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition across 2016, alongside a bevy of 360 gems including Burnout Paradise, Gears of War 2 and Forza Horizon, all without asking you to pay for backwards compatibility.

The Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is positioning itself as the hardcore entertainment lover’s dream; a two terabyte drive for storing all those lovely high-def or ultra-high-def videos, downloadable games, and a system on the market that is compatible with 4K televisions and displays.

The ability to play games built with HDR graphics (high dynamic range) from the get go, with Gears of War 4 having a particularly pleasing showing at E3 2016. This HDR/UHD revolution is important, mainly because both Microsoft and Sony are moving beyond 3DTV (which didn’t take off in the previous console generation) and looking towards the next-gen of televisions and are designing hardware to complement them. The Xbox One S is also ‘pulling a Sony’ somewhat, whereby the PlayStation 2 pushed the then-new DVD format into consumer’s homes.


The S is actually one of the more affordable ultra HD Blu-Ray/4K players on the market and you’re getting an Xbox One in with the price, too!

We are moving beyond the endless debate of resolution and 720p/1080i towards a greater range of depth, colour and contrast. In layman’s terms, we’re going to see images with more “pop” and that look generally brighter and clearer from newer TVs and consoles.

Source – Gaming Whatculture

#Why You Should Buy An Xbox One Instead Of Playstation 4