Top 5 Best Sports Video Game Of 2016

Sports video games are not necessarily the most complex nor intelligent, but they never aim to be – they are instead supposed to give the gamer the feel of authenticity, whilst remaining fun. As games on this list prove, it is no easy task.

5. Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL has been criticized year after year for being basically the same game with minor graphic improvements. This edition improved the running game, which made Madden feel more real.

It also allowed for more diversified gameplay, as now the gamer doesn’t have to be so pass-dependent as before. Also, full player editing is a nice new touch, which the game’s been missing since forever.


Madden is the best when it’s played with a friend, as otherwise the game can seem a bit repetitive. Still, that’s the case with most sports games, so it all depends on your immersion in the sports.

If you’re not big on American football this game will rather fail at making you a fan, but if you are, odds are you’ve enjoyed this edition more than a couple of previous ones.

4. NHL 17

Just like Madden, NHL may feel repetitive for someone not invested in hockey, but it has really improved over the years, especially in the goaltending department. There are also unlockable celebrations, although it sucks that you can only pick one per player. Another great feature is the Draft Champions mode, which is the mainstay of most sports games these days. There’s also World Cup of Hockey mode for all the fans of international competition.


The commentary is second to NBA 2K17, as the commentating duo isn’t as prone to mistakes as those in other sports video games. The same goes for the graphics and presentations, which don’t differ that much from last edition, yet still feel fresh and fine

3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Number 3 and 2 on this list are basically interchangeable, as your perception of both depends on your allegiance and what you’re looking for in a football game.

Licensing was always a problem for PES, and in this edition there also are a lot of fake teams in various leagues. However, the game tries to make up for it with Champions League, Europa League and a lot of national teams that are missing in FIFA. The are no new game modes though, which is a disappointment.


When it comes to gameplay the game is simply fun. The AI is great, which makes team play seem natural, while the defense is not so unrealistically omniscient as in FIFA. The set pieces are also better, as the player shoots the penalty kick exactly where the gamer wishes – something that FIFA should finally do right. Konami’s game is quicker and less predictable, so it’s better at catching the essence of football.

2. FIFA 17

While the preference of one football game over the other is basically apples to oranges, FIFA is the winner here because of the number of leagues that it has to offer, the stadium atmosphere and multiple game modes, including the surprisingly fun The Journey.

EA Sports is almost notorious for their reluctance to improvements regarding FIFA, but this year they’ve introduced a new engine, new way of taking set pieces, and an increase in dependence on player physicality and individuality.


The game continued to frustrate gamers on the defensive end, as they had to adapt to a more physical style of play. As far as referees go, it’s safe to assume that everybody got used to their stupid mistakes. Still, FIFA is a really fun game, as it promises instant entertainment and allows everybody to actually enjoy the game. The popularity of football basically guarantees sales, yet it’s nice that EA Sports took the time to improve an already marketable product.

1. NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has been killing it in the sports games department year after year. 2K Sports stays competitive with other titles by releasing a superior product, although the engine seems to have reached its peak and may be in need of a shake-up.

The presentation gets better with each edition. Last year the creators introduced a pre-, mid- and after-game studio, this year there is also an on-court reporter talking about the game. The commentary has been improved and is even better than before.


The graphics make the competition seem real, and so do the game mechanics. The AI has been improved and now fastbreaks are easier to perform, just as opponents are harder to defend. The controls are easy to master on easier levels, but you need to step up your game when making the jump from Pro to All-Star.

As the game is also the best sports simulation around, your players tend to have off-nights and miss open shots, which can be frustrating, but is actually true to the game.

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