The Most Evil Video Game Villain Of All Time

Heroes wouldn’t be who they are without their villains; they’re very much the reason why a character takes up the mantle of hero in the first place, as debatable as that may be.

Officer Tenpenny – GTA: San Andreas

Samuel L Jackson was pretty great as Tenpenny. You’d think with someone as charismatic as Sam Jackson, it’d be hard to hate him. But, you sure do hate him when San Andreas’ story gets rolling.

To begin, he’s already a corrupt cop, framing CJ for cop-killing and dumping him in the middle of a rival gang’s territory.


Time moves forward and he’s responsible for locking up your brother, helping distribute cocaine, making Carl do his dirty work across all the cities and countryside; partially responsible for Ryder’s and Big Smoke’s heel turns.

Tenpenny is a real bent, scumbag cop, the Edgar Ross of the ’90s it seems, but with a more obvious motivation towards helping himself rather than anyone else.

Source – Whatculture

#The Most Evil Video Game Villain Of All Time