Most Epic Dragon Battle In Video Game History

Being one of the many staples of the fantasy genre and often a must have inclusion in almost anything remotely fantasy related, dragons are everywhere. In TV shows, movies and of course video games, the flying serpents are just plain cool, and frankly the more there are, the better any given world tends to be.

Black Dragon Kalameet – Dark Souls

Hidden away in the excellent Artorias of the Abyss is this legendary dragon, one so feared that even the gods left him alone to do his thing. I am of course talking about, Black Dragon Kalameet.

Found terrorising the skies of Oolacile, the player can either choose the hard option of shooting him as he flies past with a great bow, or employing the skills of Hawkeye Gough, a blind giant to shoot him down for you. Then begins one of the most tense and balanced fights in the entire series, as fighting Kalameet is a joy, seeing him leaps around the battlefield spewing fire at you. Learning his moves is difficult and fun as he has a myriad of flying and ground based attacks, each one fair, unlike Sinh, who can spam a lot.

Kalmeet 1.jpg

Overall, the lore behind the dragon and how you can go about fighting him is a lot of fun. Having the option to shoot him down yourself of go for a fair fight against the beast is a great inclusion. Not to mention he is the shining example of a dragon boss fight in a game that has its share of poor examples. He is a dragon boss fight done well and frankly, I can think of no more epic a showdown.

A fight grounded in awesome backstory and against an incredibly cool designed dragon. Perfection.

Source – Whatculture