The Worst Thing About Super Mario Run

If someone said just five years ago that Nintendo would one day release Super Mario on mobile, very few people would have believed it.


There’s no getting around the fact: for a mobile game, Super Mario Run is pretty damn expensive.

The game costs ten dollars in America, and eight pounds in the U.K. Compare that to the likes of Rayman Jungle Run, which is now sitting around two pounds, or four pounds for both it and Rayman Fiesta Run, and you can immediately see the difference. Especially given the fact that those games are at the very least of a similar quality to Super Mario Run, both in terms of graphics and content.

super mario run

Other endless runners are free while offering micro-transactions in-game, and while I’d much prefer to pay up front for a whole game rather than experience the looming, ever present temptation to navigate time barriers by dropping a bit of cash, eight pounds is still fairly steep.


Given the fact that a lot of casual mobile gamers are used to mobile pricing and how it works, they may see the high price point and immediately decide to pass – an issue that’s further compounded by the fact the demo only lets players take on the first couple levels.

In an ideal world, the game’s price would be hovering around five pounds. As it stands, it’s just a little bit too much, but still worth purchasing nevertheless.

Source – Whatculture

#The Worst Thing About Super Mario Run