Super Mario Run Earnings Prediction Decreased Significantly

SuperData updated its projections for Super Mario Run today, saying it now expects the game to bring in between $12 million and $15 million in its first month. That’s down significantly from the company previous first-month forecast of $60 million.

SuperData said the game’s always-online requirement is “prohibitive” and added that it expects Nintendo to drop the price of the one-time payment after the holidays.

super mario run

Based on the early numbers we see coming in and the response from consumers, we expect Super Mario Run to initially earn on the lower end of our forecast, around $12-15M in its first month,” it said. “Requiring to ‘always be online’ is prohibitive and the game is still a bit too heavy-handed for quick-play on a phone. Finally, we anticipate Nintendo to announce a discount after the holidays to keep momentum.”

SuperData did not say if it’s changing its projection of 30 million downloads in the first month. A report today claimed Super Mario Run was downloaded almost 3 million times in its first day.

Source – Gamespot

#Super Mario Run Earnings Prediction Decreased Significantly