How Grand Theft Auto Franchise Changed Itself Significantly

Every once in a while, video game designers come up with an absolutely brilliant idea that has the potential to go on for years, with fans lapping up every instalment without question. Some of the most iconic games of all time have come as part of a series or a franchise, and nowadays, they tend to leave standalone efforts in their wake.

Grand Theft Auto

Who didn’t enjoy GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas? Life was much simpler when Grand Theft Auto could be enjoyed on an Xbox or PS2, because there was no online interactivity and no DLC to crack open your wallet for.


You bought a game – in this case, GTA – and could enjoy it in its entirety, for a fairly long spell.

Everything the games had to offer was contained on the disc and, at that time, there was no other option. All of the content was relevant and at least 90% of the missions offered some progress to the story – the other bits were haircuts, exercise and mini-games worth your time.


Nowadays, GTA is all about DLC and side missions – that’s the simple truth. It was possible to complete GTA V’s story in an afternoon thanks to a lot of concentration and limited toilet breaks, whereas GTA III and Vice City took a few days of such Spartan conditions to see through.

Overall, it feels as though GTA is more about distractions and expenditure than actual gameplay, and the market now really misses Claude, Tommy and CJ’s relative ‘innocence’ when compared to Trevor and his DIY torture mission.  But still I enjoy GTA 5 Very much

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#How Grand Theft Auto Franchise Changed Itself Significantly