Most Insanely Confusing Video Game Level Of All Time

All of us have been there – playing a game that we’re completely captivated in, only to reach a level or dungeon where you end up excruciatingly wandering around in circles for hours. Getting lost in levels is a problem that has lessened over the years as games have become increasingly simplified.

Blighttown – Dark Souls

One of the most notorious areas in the Souls series, Blighttown is a dingy, decrepit place deep in the bowels of the earth. The area is incredibly dark, and it’s easy to overlook rickety paths you’re supposed to go down, or a Blowdart Sniper hiding in the seemingly endless towers of wooden scaffolds.


The general rule in Blighttown is that you want to keep heading down until you reach the very bottom, but the area is so homogeneous and disorienting that it’s easy to go up one path, then circle back round without realising that you’ve already been in that place before. Even when you make it out of the shambolic town itself and reached the bottom, you need to find your way through a murky swamp, then after you’ve defeated the boss you need to scale a confusing water wheel to finally find your way out of there.

There are few experiences quite as relieving as finally emerging back on the surface after surviving Blighttown, which almost makes the experience worthwhile.

Source – Whatculture

#Most Insanely Confusing Video Game Level Of All Time