Video Game Character Death That Punched You Right In The Face

Being a medium that is has so many nameless and faceless monsters dying and respawning without consequence, gamers tend to take life and death for granted.

Aerith – Final Fantasy 7

When Yoshinori Kitase set out to make Final Fantasy 7, he had just lost someone very close to him. That sense of loss and having to carry on with life permeated how he approached the creation of the game.


When players lost Aerith, an army of fans scoured the internet in its infancy in search of a way to bring her back. Players attempted to recreate impossible scenarios and indulged every unfounded rumor all in the hopes of bringing Aerith back and it’s easy to see why.

She was for all intents and purposes, the girl next door. Couple that with her limit breaks being defensive and healing oriented, and she provided a very important service in battle that made her a mainstay in many player’s formations.


When she dies, the world around her seems slightly darker for her absence, despite not being free of her influence.

There’s a reason why Final Fantasy 7 resonates so strongly with a huge audience. Let’s just hope Square Enix doesn’t screw it up with the remake.

Source – Whatculture

#Video Game Character Death That Punched You Right In The Face