Worst Overhyped Video Game Released In 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, everyone is taking a look back at the year.  This year there were plenty of great video games that came out this year.  There were just as many not so great games as well.  The hype machine was in full effect this year.  Here is just a little list of my personal top overhyped games of 2016.

Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is yet another let down of 2016. Gamers expected a lot from this game.  However, what they got was another classic AAA let down title.  Gamers were excited for the next title in the Mafia series, set in the 60s.  Unfortunately, Mafia 3 suffered from various glitches and repetitive gameplay.


Gamers were expecting something more, especially how well Mafia 2 had been.  However, as with many games now a days, it seemed as if developers took the easy way out and added unimaginative and repetitive scenes and gameplay.

Sure the gameplay might be fun at first,  but after interrogating someone with the exact same animations for the 50th time, anyone would get bored.

The trouble with a lot of games today is that there is a really big build up for the title, the first hour or so of the game are great, but then there are huge drop offs in enjoyment and entertainment.  Many people don’t even finish new games that they were so excited to play.

Source – Thisgengaming

#Worst Overhyped Video Game Released In 2016